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Ammolite is now the official gemstone of Alberta

An amendment to the Emblems of Alberta Act by Alberta’s government is now designating ammolite as the official gemstone of Alberta.

Currently, there is no official gemstone recognized in the Emblems of Alberta Act.

Passing the amendment will recognize ammolite alongside other official emblems such as the coat of arms, flag, and wild rose.

Minister of Culture Ron Orr says Ammolite is an important part of our heritage and economy.

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“Recognizing ammolite as Alberta’s official gemstone reflects the unique nature of the stone and of our province, and helps to fulfill recommendation 25 of the Fair Deal Panel.”

Ammolite is an iridescent gemstone formed from the fossilized shells of molluscs, known as ammonites, which lived in an inland sea east of the Rocky Mountains. After sinking to the seabed, the mud that covered ammonites hardened over millions of years to become shale. The shell properties, combined with southern Alberta’s unique geology, transformed many ammonite shells into the ammolite that is mined and used for jewelry today.

Ammolite has a very special connection to Alberta as it is predominantly found in the southern part of our province.

Lethbridge has been calling Ammolite its official gemstone since 2007 and is excited to see the province embrace the stone.

For more information, visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

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