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Multiple people arrested after tracking down stolen vehicle

Cold Lake RCMP has charged three people with multiple Criminal Code offenses after they were in possession of both firearms and a stolen vehicle.

On Jan. 15, 2022, Cold Lake RCMP received information that a stolen vehicle had been tracked for several hours by GPS after having been stolen the night prior from a business parking area in Bonnyville, Alta. The suspects in the vehicle were said to be armed with firearms following an altercation at a residence in Fishing Lake, Alta.

When the vehicle stopped moving at a residence on the Elizabeth Metis Settlement RCMP officers approached the vehicle. The vehicle fled to the end of the driveway where it stopped and reversed into a nearby Police Dog Service Vehicle.

The car then proceeded to flee the area but ran over a Tire Deflation Device while doing so. Shortly after, the vehicle was discovered abandoned after it had become stuck in the snow with its tires deflated.

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The suspects were tracked down to a nearby residence where witnesses advised the suspects had fled the vehicle with firearms.

RCMP established containment of the area and called for the assistance of the RCMP ERT.

Officers used the Police Vehicle PA to communicate with the suspects inside the residence resulting in the surrender of a male suspect.

At approximately 5 p.m. RCMP ERT arrived on the scene resulted in the other two suspects surrendering themselves

Following the arrests of the suspects, Police recovered two firearms.

Laine Solway-Martial, Jaylen Favel, and Colton Moyah have been charged with the following Criminal Code offenses:

  • Sec. 355(a) – Possession of Stolen Property
  • Sec. 129(a) -Resist Police Officer
  • Sec. 320.17 – Flight from Police
  • Sec. 270(1)(a) – Assault Police Officer
  • Sec. 94(1) – Unauthorized possession of a firearms in a motor vehicle
  • Sec. 91(1) – Possession of Prohibited firearm (x 2)

Laine Solway-Martial is further charged with Sec. 320.18 – Operate motor vehicle while prohibited.

Jaylen Favel is further charged with two counts of Sec. 145(5)(a) – Fail to Comply with condition of Release Order.

Colton Moyah is further charged with 5 counts of Sec. 145(5)(a) – Fail to Comply with condition of Release Order and two counts of Sec. 117.01(1) – Breach of Prohibition Order for Firearm possession.

Jaylene Favel and Colton Moyah have been remanded into custody until their court dates on January 19th at the Provincial Court in Cold Lake.

Laine Soloway-Martial was released as a result of a Judicial Hearing with a Justice of the Peace on a thousand-dollar promise to pay and will on January 19th, 2022 at the Provincial Court in Cold Lake.

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