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Drone interfered with Bonnyville STARS pilots take off

On December 7th at 10:00 AM a STARS Air Ambulance was departing the Bonnyville hospital helipad en route to an Edmonton Hospital when a drone appeared and interfered with the STARS’ pilots ability to safely take off.

Luckily the pilot managed to move around the drone and successfully leave without further interference from the drone.

The Bonnyville RCMP says this was extremely dangerous and they want to remind the public, or inform those who were not aware, that flying a drone comes with great responsibility and accountability.

There are many laws associated with flying a drone and flyers must be responsible for understanding these laws and responsible for their actions.

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The police give the example saying it’s an offense to fly a drone within 1.9 KM of a heliport.

This matter is still under investigation and the RMCP encourages anyone with knowledge of it to contact the Bonnyville RCMP.

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