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Bonnyville’s new mayor looks to update, not change

Elisa Brosseau has settled into her new role as mayor with ease as she now has a couple of council meetings under her belt.

“For me, it doesn’t feel any different except for my schedule is a lot busier,” Brosseau told Country 99.”I feel like I’ve been a leader already so it’s been a natural transition.”

She says it feels really good having the majority of Bonnyville support her campaign and her vision of the town.

Her first plan of action involves updating and modifying Bonnyville by progressing the Downtown Revitalization Committee. She wants to see more business involvement and get their opinions to make downtown Bonnyville more inviting.

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“I think there is an opportunity to enhance what we are already doing, not necessarily change it,” Brosseau says she has a vision where there is the effort put towards listening to what local businesses want. “They are the boots on the ground, they know what it is like to be a business in Bonnyville. It can not be one-sided.”

She continues to say the business owners have ideas on how to attract people to downtown Bonnyville whether that be in the form of events, new flowers, or just some maintenance on the street.

The best way to get your voice heard is by talking to your local councilor or mayor directly.

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