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Jennie’s Diner and Bakery closed by AHS

Jennies Diner and Bakery has been shut down by AHS today.

“They handle my fate right now“

The diner`s health inspector came in with RCMP this morning and told the staff they are no longer allowed to serve food.

(Photo supplied by vista staff)

The owner Jennie Hamel said her Food Holding permit was taken away for not following covid restrictions.

Hamel says she feels like the hospitality industry is being hit unfairly with all accommodations she was told she had to make.

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“I am just frustrated. I am considered not an essential service. We have to follow rules no one else has to follow. We seem to have been shoved into a different class. We have to ask for a vaccine passport but how many other businesses do?“

Hamel says retail or grocery store don`t need to ask for the vaccine passport.

She also comments that the constantly changing restrictions have frustrated her beyond the limit.

“Two months ago we were open without restrictions. Two months before that we had to remove everything off the tables and sanitize everything patrons touched.“

“19 thousand people were at Eric Church`s concert and I hate to pick on the man but that’s the last big thing that`s happened. And yes people go to hockey games like the Oilers and football games. As soon as they sit down they start drinking and there is no social distancing… but you can`t go to a restaurant that seats 40 people and do the same thing.“

She says the plan as of now is to take a couple of weeks off and maybe do some maintenance on the restaurant. Then reapply for her permit.

“They handle my fate right now. I would be open next week if I could but it is out of my hands.“



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