A Bonnyville man has been sentenced to seven months in jail and just under $270,000 in fines in relation to tax evasion.

The Canada Revenue Agency says on June 4th Clayton Kubbernus was sentenced to seven months in jail, and fined a total of $269,726 after pleading guilty back in November to one count of tax evasion relating to a personal tax return, one count of tax evasion as the sole director of a business, and one count of tax evasion regarding Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax filings.

“A CRA investigation revealed that Mr. Kubbernus moved money from his corporation to his personal bank account, and did not report the income on either the corporation’s tax returns, which he failed to file, or his personal tax returns, resulting in tax evasion. Kubbernus, as sole owner of 1083627 Alberta Ltd., charged GST/HST on services provided but failed to file GST/HST returns for the corporation or remit any of the GST/HST collected, ” said the CRA in a press release.