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City says watch for Black Knot

The City of Cold Lake is asking residents once again to be on the lookout for Black Knot.

The city says the fungal disease is affecting trees like maydays and chokecherries. If it’s left untreated, the city warns it could stunt or kill the tree altogether.

Like in years past, Cold Lake officials are encouraging residents who happen to find Black Knot in a tree to prune it out, especially at this time of year where the trees are dormant from winter and the infection is easier to see.

Some other tips include:
• Remove the infected branches to at least 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) below the knot.

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• Sterilize cutting tools with bleach between each cut to prevent further spread of the disease.
• Bring infected branches to the burning bins at the Waste Transfer Station to be disposed of, free of charge.

People are urged not to compost the clippings, as the city says they can develop spores even after being clipped off a tree.

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