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HomeNewsPolice investigating after attempted catalytic converter theft

Police investigating after attempted catalytic converter theft

Mounties in Bonnyville are still investigating after a would-be robber tried to take a catalytic converter off a car at a local dealership.

The RCMP says they were called on February 26th by an employee of Tercier Motors.

Surveillance video reportedly shows a suspect trying to cut the converter off to no avail during the day. The suspect then shows up the next night and again tries to take the part but is once again unsuccessful.

The RCMP says although the suspect didn’t make off with the converter, they did do significant damage to the vehicle.

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A catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system on a vehicle that helps reduce pollutants in the exhaust. They are a target of theft due to the precious metals such as platinum contained inside them.

Mounties say they continue to investigate.

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