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Mounties offer tips, say August is hot month for car theft

Mounties in the province are sending a heads-up as we enter what they say is a month known for vehicle thefts. The RCMP says last year in August saw the highest reported number of vehicle thefts (over 1,000) and thefts from vehicles (over 1,300) for 2019 entire. According to a data sample from 2018, 26 percent of stolen vehicles had the keys in them and 8 percent were left running.

Mounties are suggesting some steps to deter cars from being stolen, including:

· Lock the doors.

· Remove valuables from vehicle including purses, shopping bags, change, electronics and sunglasses.

· Remove garage door opener.

· Park your vehicle in sight or in a well-lit area.

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· Use a steering wheel lock.

· Lock your garage.

· Disable power to the garage door if you’re leaving for an extended period of time

This August the RCMP will be using #AutoSafety to provide information on how to keep your vehicles safe this summer. The public can watch their Facebook (@RCMPinAlberta) and Twitter (@RCMPAlberta) feeds for tips and reminders to help reduce thefts of, and thefts from, vehicles this summer.

Mounties remind the public that if you see something suspicious, report it to your local police service and if you see a crime in progress, call 911.

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