The MD of Bonnyville is hosting an open house to discuss the new regional waterline and future users. The MD says the topic of discussion will be tying the Frog Lake First Nation into the line.

The waterline commission also says that the Elizabeth and Fishing Lake Metis Settlements could one day also access water from the line.

“The Frog Lake First Nation is subject to fluctuating lake levels and water treatment challenges. A regional water line extension from the Commission to the Frog Lake First Nation would provide a reliable potable water source to Frog Lake First Nation year-round. The proposed project consists of a new, approximately 47-kilometer transmission main line, and a booster station. The new transmission line will transfer a maximum 570,000m3 of water annually from the connection point with the Commission to Frog Lake First Nation, and the Metis Settlements through future connections.”

The open house goes on July 28th at the Cold Lake Courtyard Marriott starting at 4 PM. The MD says anyone who may have a question, concern or interest in the project can stop by and discuss it.