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$300 Fine in Place For Quadding on Moose Lake Trail

Attention quadders, make sure not to ride on the Moose Lake Trail. The trail is meant for foot traffic and riding on it can land you a $300 fine.

Bylaw officers are patrolling the area on a regular basis after a series of complaints. Director of Public Safety Chris Garner explains that the trail is strictly meant for non-motorized transport, excluding mobility aids such as scooters. He says most complaints have not revolved around quads being used on the trail, but the behavior of said quads. One example he uses is of a resident who has complained of ATV users jumping  over their driveway.
ATV users are allowed to drive in the ditches along any road in the MD. Garner recommends quadders use the south side of 611, instead of the north where the trail is.

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