The Mayor of Cold Lake is giving props to his community as they handle the COVID-19 outbreak. Craig Copeland says he’s proud of the effort the city is making to stay healthy.

“I think our community is doing an amazing job in response to the virus,” said Copeland. “There are so many people doing their part to keep our community running, and keeping it safe. From our medical professionals to our city staff and the people working hard under stressful circumstances to make sure essential businesses are staying open, we all have a part to play. We encourage residents to continue to stay informed and comply with the provincial recommendations, which can be found on the AHS website.”

The city says its administration continues to participate in the Cold Lake COVID-19 Task Force. This ensures an open line of communication between the municipality and Alberta Health Services, which is leading the provincial response. The city continues to support AHS in its response.

“Of course, this situation continues to evolve and remains very fluid, but our community deserves an early congratulations based a reasonable, measured response that is in line with the province’s expectations,” he said. “People have been compassionate towards others who need help – there are great examples of people reaching out to those in need, all while respecting the guidelines that the province has put in place.”

Other measures the city has taken include closing some facilities, closing others to the public as staff continue to work, and maintaining public access to others, although on a limited basis