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“No need for hoarding”: Cold Lake Mayor

The Mayor of Cold Lake is calling for calm, rational purchasing as the city continues monitoring the COVID-19 situation. In a Friday release, the city acknowledged that Cold Lake has one confirmed case of the virus.

“Our understanding is that there is one confirmed case in the Cold Lake area at this time,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “We’re encouraging residents to continue to remain calm, and to visit AHS’s online resources for the most up-to-date information.

Panic buying has lead to certain items disappearing from city store shelves. Copeland says there’s no need for any hoarding as businesses are still well supplied.

“Alberta’s supply chains are robust and well established. People need to understand that supply chains are tailored to community demand and that our local business community serves us well. We know that there are enough goods to support our community and that there is no need for hoarding: That behavior only serves to bring about the very situation people hope to avoid by creating a sense of panic over supposed scarcity. This is unnecessary.”

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The city says they have been communicating with local businesses to ensure everyone is taken care of.

“By maintaining our purchasing habits, our businesses will be able to keep up with the community’s needs, just as they always have been able to do,” says Copeland. “There are plenty of goods in warehouses, our businesses are working hard to have them brought in, and the trucking industry is working hard to catch up. If you really want to look out for yourself, your neighbors and your community, then buy what you need and don’t fall into the trap of going overboard. Wasted goods and wasted money will not be able to help anyone in the days ahead.”

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