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St. Paul council looking for input on BMX loan idea

Residents in the Town of St. Paul have a chance to be heard when it comes to a $145,000 proposal in council. A public input session is being held on the idea to lend the St. Paul BMX and Skateboard Society cash as they look to finish work on the park being built at 53rd Avenue and 49th Street.

Town Chief Administrative Officer Kim Heyman says the council has given the bylaw needed to make the handover of cash first reading but wants to hear discussion from the town before anything is set in stone.

“They want to get public input. The loan bylaw has passed the first reading, which means it’s open for discussion. That’s all it means, it doesn’t mean it will pass, it needs those three readings.”

Before those readings come town council chambers will be open to the public on February 24th at 7:30 PM. Residents will have a chance to give their two cents on what they think of the idea, good or bad.

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“If anyone wants to come in they’ll be given 2 minutes to voice their support or concern, whatever that may be. Because we don’t want anyone being left out, everyone will be restricted to two minutes.”

The idea for the loan came about after the society completed most of the construction using grants and self-funding. The loan would allow the park an earlier opening date pegged at Spring 2020.

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