The MD of Bonnyville has a few more answers when it comes to what the future policing fund model will look like. MD council met last Wednesday where they went over a letter between President of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta Al Kenmore and Minister of Justice Doug Schweitzer.

In the letter, the new formula for covering policing costs that have been put forth by the UCP government is touched on. It states that the MD would have to pay around 10 percent or just over $400,000 of the costs for the 2020 year with that number being $1.2 million or 30 percent by the year 2024.

Bills for municipalities won’t be coming out until 2021 to allow for a chance to budget for the change. Before this legislation, municipalities and smaller locales didn’t have to pay for the policing.

MD council had been concerned with some of the information they had heard when the news broke of the change.

The council is hoping to meet with Schweitzer and shed some more light on the changes in the future.