An oilfield company with ties to the Lakeland is making a major move. Calgary-based Encana has announced it will be shipping its head office to the United States as well as changing its name to “Ovintiv Inc”.

In a press release, the company says the changes shouldn’t impact the workers it has now in Canada. The move still has to be OK’d by shareholders and other bodies before it is set in stone.

Alberta Minister of Energy Sonya Savage says she sees the move as a response to federal policies on the energy industry.

“I am troubled by the news that Encana is formally relocating its headquarters to the United States. Sadly, I cannot say I am surprised, as Encana has been shifting its efforts to the U.S. for years, in large part due to harmful policies in Canada.”

“…I would encourage all to read Encana founding CEO and energy pioneer Gwyn Morgan’s 2018 commentary on how the company he founded is being pushed out of Canada due to policies from our federal government. I sincerely hope today’s news will serve as a wake-up call for leadership in Ottawa.”