A candidate on the Fort McMurray – Cold Lake ballot says her campaign office was plastered with hateful vandalization on Friday. Maggie Farrington says the posters were found in the morning glued to her doors and windows of her Fort McMurray-based office

“I was disgusted to see these messages plastered on our campaign office. Hate, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and white supremacy cannot be tolerated, here or anywhere”.

Farrington is on the ballot as a Liberal Party candidate. The posters were sent out in an email by Farrington’s campaign group and show statements such as “Those who sell out their race and their country should be purged from Canada.”

Liberal Riding Chair Jay Telegdi confirmed that the Fort McMurray RCMP have been notified. Farrington says she’s calling on the other candidates to shame this type of action.

“I call on all candidates, and particularly the Conservative candidate David Yurdiga and the Peoples Party candidate Mathew Barrett to publicly disavow this type of hate. We have seen messaging from both their parties that resemble this garbage and the people of Fort McMurray- Cold Lake deserve to know if these men who intend to represent them condone such hate.”