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Brazil turns down $20-million in G-7 funding to fight fires; Stats Can testing wastewater for drug use

Brazil says “no” to funding for wildfires

Brazil has said no to the offer of funding from G-7 countries to fight wildfires raging across the Amazon.  G-7 countries offered $20-milion to help fight the fires but a top Brazilian official has told the French President to take care of “his home and his colonies”.

Pilot test study searches for drugs in city wastewater

A new Stats Can study shows drug use varies widely from coast to coast.  Five cities had their wastewater tested for different drug use like, cannabis and meth.  Halifax and Montreal had the highest level of cannabis while Edmonton the lowest. As for traces of meth, Edmonton had the highest score.  Toronto, Montreal and Halifax recorded the lowest levels.

Johnson and Johnson ordered to pay for opioid crisis in Oklahoma

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In an unprecedented ruling an Oklahoma judge is ordering drug giant Johnson and Johnson to pay hundreds of millions in damages for the states opioid crisis.  The judge said the consumer products giant helped fuel the crisis and ordered the company to pay damages of $572 million.

Positive thoughts help you live longer

As Monty Python taught us always look on the bright side of life and they may have been on to something.  A new study looked at research from 71-thousand older American men and women.  Those who kept a positive outlook tended to live up to 15-percent longer and were up to 70-percent more likely to reach exceptional longevity by living past the age of 85.

Canadian kids eating healthier in school

Students in Canadian school are eating better than ever.  A new study of 7-thousand students shows the nutritional quality of what students ate through the day improved by 13-percent over a decade ago.  That’s because they drank less sugary beverages and crunched on more fruits and veggies and ate less chips and cookies.

Ready, set, go…its Tuesday

If you’re getting ready for work, be prepared to get stuff done today.  A new study from Accountemps suggests employees are 35-percent more productive on Tuesdays and despite its bad reputation Monday comes in second at 25-percent.  You may have guessed it—Friday finishes dead last with employee productivity at 10-percent.


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