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Grande Parlour getting ready for Pig Girl

A theatre venue in the Lakeland is preparing to host a controversial production. The Grande Parlour Theatre in Cold Lake has announced it will put on a production of the Collen Murphy play Pig Girl.

The show is influenced by the case of British Columbia serial killer Robert Pickton. Theatre Producer Craig Konechny says the play will be a departure from others they have put on in the past.

“We do productions throughout the year that we think Cold Lake would like to see that are fun and usually comedies because everyone loves a comedy. This October, [Director Teresa Petit] has the ability to pick something more serious, more of the art and more provoking in terms of provoking emotion.”

The play is set in the barn of a pig farm and features four main characters including a dying woman, a killer, a police officer and the sister of the victim. The production has been criticized by some groups since it was first put on in 2013.

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Director Teresa Petit says her group understands the content may leave some uncomfortable.

“There is a lot of concern about the way this show is put on because we do not want to sensationalize something that is so horrific. The idea behind the script being written was to open people’s eyes to social inequality that exists.”

Pig Girl will debut at the theatre on October 4th and run until the 12th. Tickets are available now online.

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