Farms across the Lakeland will open their doors this weekend for Alberta Open Farm Days. One operation showing off how they work will be the K-Cow Ranch near Elk Point. The ranch run by Janice Wirsta and her family was also a stop last year. She says the turnout was a nice big crowd from lots of places in the province.

“We got lots of people from different areas including Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Albert and Edmonton. Some that came from the Vegreville area so it actually reached out to quite a wide area.”

The K-Cow Ranch will be open again starting on August 17th. Guests will have the ability to tour the ranch, see how cattle are raised and fed and even get a look at veterinary practices. Wirsta says the ability to show how livestock is treated is a message they look to drive home to people who may not know too much about ranching in general.

“That’s always a concern and you hear about it in the news. We want people to have a real good understanding and have the opportunity to develop that understanding of how the cattle are cared for.”

A Saturday picnic is being planned that will offer guests the chance to taste some fresh-grown vegetables and meats. More information on the K-Cow Ranch tour and other tours of operations around the Lakeland is at the Alberta Open Farm Day’s website.