Studies on Moose Lake and potential algae growth will continue, says the Moose Lake Watershed Society. The group was recently given the OK from the MD of Bonnyville to use $50,000 in allocated funding to perform a type of test known as an Internal Load Study. Chair of the MLWS Kellie Nichiporik says a group from Algae Control Canada will be out working on the lake.

“They’re taking soil samples of the bottom of the lake. [The test] measures how much phosphorus is in that sediment.”

Phosphorus and nutrient-rich fertilizers washing into the lake have long been a concern as they are known to help the growth of algae blooms on the water. Nichipork says this test will be a great tool in determining where to start when it comes to restoring the lake.

“This gives us a tool so we can target management strategies, restoration practices, everything like that, based around what we’re finding in the lake.”

Nichiporik says the Algae Control Canada crews will be out on the water taking samples for about three days in the middle of July. Results from the samples aren’t expected back until about 10 weeks after they are sent off for testing.