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Most Canadians don’t like their Prime Minister options ahead of federal election; Canada sees highest population growth in over 30 years

All three major party leaders in Canada have net disapproval ratings

Canadians don’t seem to be big fans of their options when it comes to the next Prime Minister. The Toronto Star cited a poll from Forum Research that said all three leaders of the major parties have a net disapproval rating. Both Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer came in at just under 35 percent approval while NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was closer to 20 percent.

International students and refugees helping to boost Canadian population

Canada saw its highest growth rate in over three decades last year and international students are to thank. Statistics Canada released numbers that showed many people coming to the country for education are deciding to stay. Foreign workers and refugees also helped boost the numbers. Canada had the highest growth rate among G-7 nations.

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Alarming increase in teens going to hospital for harming themselves 

Ontario teenagers going to the emergency room for self-harm doubled from 2009 to 2017. The study was done by the University of Ottawa and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. There was also an almost 80 percent increase in visits for mental health problems. Researchers say the numbers mimic those in the U.S.

Thousands protest in Hong Kong to prevent extradition bill

An extradition bill set to be tabled in Hong Kong was delayed due to protestors outside the government’s headquarters. It is reported that the crowds of thousands were mostly young people who are afraid of giving China too much control over the former British colony. If the bill passes, criminal suspects in Hong Kong could be sent for trial in mainland China.

Salamander eating plant discovered in Ontario

A carnivorous plant considered the first of its kind in North America was found in Ontario. Canadian researchers found the bell-shaped pitcher plants feeding on baby salamanders in Algonquin Park. The plants and salamanders are common in the park but it wasn’t until recently researchers figured out what was actually going on.

Sleeping with lights on can increase weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes

Falling asleep with the TV or other lights on could lead to health problems. The National Institute of Health in the U.S. said humans are supposed to sleep in dark places and having lights on could mix up one’s metabolism. The organization added disrupting the biological clock could increase risks of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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