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Breakup Gone Bad Leads to Chaos at Bonnyville Fas Gas

A breakup gone bad leads to chaos at the Bonnyville Fas Gas.  The Bonnyville RCMP responded to a domestic dispute that spread to a gas station. Police report that two women aged 16 and 18 had recently broken up. The 16 year old allegedly assaulted the 18 year old on several occasions before the the 18 year old ran into the Fas Gas to call her family. The fight reportedly continued into the gas station, where the 16 year old allegedly kicked the 18 year old several times and threw both a jar of salsa and a coffee machine at her.

Though investigation, the police learned that two females, aged 16 and 18, had recently broken up.  The evening prior and then the morning of the 22nd,  the 16 year old assaulted the 18 year old female several times and strangled her.  The 18 year old female was able to get away from the 16 year old and go to the Fas Gas store where she used the public phone to call her family.  The 16 year old female also attended the store where she grabbed the phone away from the 18 year old female, pushed her the ground kicking her and kneeing her.  When a male stepped in and got the 16 year old female off of the 18 year old female, the 16 year old grabbed a jar of salsa and tried to throw it at the 18 year old female causing the jar to smash on the store floor.   The 16 year old female then ripped the large coffee machine off the wall and attempted to throw it at the 18 year old but was unsuccessful .

The 16 year old was arrested and charged with Assault and Mischief prior to being released on court compelling conditions.



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