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Wildfires wreck havoc in northern Alberta;

Two communities evacuated as wildfire draws closer

Thousands of people in northern Alberta are being forced from their homes due to wildfires. High Level and Bushe River Reserve are being evacuated. They are being told to take Highway 58 East to avoid the flames. The fire has been burning for a few days and doubled in size up to almost 70,000 hectares between Sunday and yesterday.

New way to move vaccines could help those in isolated areas

Researchers from McMaster University have made a breakthrough when it comes to transporting vaccines. The new system mixes two sugars together with the vaccine that turns it into a gel that can be stored for up to eight weeks in temperatures upwards of 40 degrees Celsius. The current method requires costly cold storage.

Canadian researchers take new approach to curing cancer

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Canada’s first brain tumour registry was launched in an attempt to better treat the disease. Researchers will use data collected to map tumours and hope it will lead to finding a cure. The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada told CTV they estimate that 27 people in the country are diagnosed with the cancer every day.

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