The Mayor and Councillors in the Town of Bonnyville got a first-hand look at police stats Tuesday evening. Bonnyville RCMP Staff Sergeant Sarah Parke and Town CPO Shaz Khan were in council to present their annual reports on enforcement around the community. Parke highlighted the work of the Bonnyville GIS team, which is working primarily to fight drug trafficking. She says in the last year they’ve taken a considerable number of hard drugs off the streets.

“They’ve seized a total of approximately 137 grams of cocaine, Meth over 500 grams, MDMA just under 300 grams.”

Khan meanwhile has settled into his job since starting as a peace officer back in January. He says building protocols and relationships has been a focus since he took to the streets.

“Just right now with me coming into something new, [I’m] making sure the policies are in place and the procedures are in place before I can go out and do more on the enforcement side of things.”

Khan says he’s been working with the local mounties and even has plans to be a part of checkstops in partnership with the Cold Lake and Bonnyville RCMP.