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Deceased Canadian named and missing found dead in Alaskan plan crash; Veterinarians fighting for animals to legally use cannabis for medical reasons

Two missing found dead in Alaska plane crash

The lone Canadian who died in the plane crash over Alaska has been named. Thirty-seven-year-old Elsa Wilk of Richmond B.C. was one of the original four confirmed deceased when two sightseeing planes collided in the air. State troopers say the two missing people were found dead. The four injured were taken to a Seattle hospital.

Changes to management of Canadian fisheries could be coming

There has been an over 50 percent decline of fish biomass in Canada since 1970. It is prompting changes to the way fisheries are managed. The Canadian Press reports the executive director of Oceana Canada says the amendments could give hope to some species and protect others. The government will still be able to choose short-term economics over long-term sustainability though.

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Pets could benefit from medical marijuana says veterinarians 

A group of veterinarians are lobbying for medical cannabis use for animals.  They are bringing five dogs to Parliament Hill to prove how marijuana can help treat pain, seizures, anxiety and others. The president of a Canadian veterinary association says people are already giving their pets cannabis so it would be better to regulate it professionally.

Trump denies claims of sending troops to Iran as pressure mounts

The U.S. Military is downplaying international worries of potential war with Iran. Tensions are rising as the Trump Admissions claims the Islamic Republic is a growing to the United States and its allies. Trump denied claims of plans to send over 100,000 troops to the area but when asked said “would I do that? Absolutely.”

The China and U.S. dispute may escalate with tech ban

U.S. companies may be prohibited from using the Chinese tech company Huawei’s equipment. President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order implementing the ban. It would come as relations between the countries are already heated as both continue to raise tariffs on the other.

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