Cold Lake mounties are putting the coffee on to celebrate National Police Week. On Friday the public is invited to stop by from 10 AM to 12 PM and grab a cup of joe with members of the detachment. Cold Lake Staff Sergeant Scott Buchanan says it’s a great opportunity to put some names to faces when it comes to local law enforcement.

“Walk in the front door and we’ll be having coffee in the coffee room. If anyone wants to come by and chat, ask questions, what have you.”

National Police Week was started back in 1970 as a way for officers to connect with the community they serve. Buchanan says events put on by different detachments are very important for those wearing the badge and the public.

“Sir Robert Peele said ‘People are police and the police are the people’. It’s key to reach out to the community and have a good relationship with it.”

A member of the community is expected to be recognized for an act of bravery during the morning. Mug up with Members is hosted in the Parade Room inside the Cold Lake Detachment.