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Death toll in Sri Lanka hits 290, Quebec flooding leads to mass evacuations, Bodies of climbers killed in Banff recovered

Death toll in Sri Lanka hits 290

Police now say the death toll in Sri Lanka has reached 290.

The update comes after Easter Sunday’s bombings in the South Asian island nation. More than 500 people were wounded in the attacks that targeted churches and hotels. Officials have also confirmed that they found and defused a roughly six-foot long pipe bomb near one of Colombo, the capital city’s, international airports.

Quebec flooding leads to mass evacuations

More than 1,000 homes in Quebec have been evacuated because of flooding. Most of those homes are south of Quebec City. Hundreds of Canadian Forces troops are in the province to assist with the situation.

Bodies of climbers killed in Banff recovered

The bodies of three mountain climbers have been recovered in Banff National Park.

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Hansjörg Auer, 35, David Lama, 28, both of Austria, and 36-year-old American Jess Roskelley were caught in an avalanche while attempting to climb the east face of Howse Peak last Tuesday. They had been presumed dead but couldn’t be recovered until Sunday because of dangerous conditions.

Kenney declares “grand bargain” with Trudeau dead

Alberta’s Premier-designate says the “grand bargain” with Ottawa came to an end on election day.

Jason Kenney told CTV News that deal struck between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley’s government was a “complete failure.” The grand bargain sought to balance the concerns of both the energy sector and environmentalists.

Singer’s statue removed by Flyers over allegations of racism

A statue of the late singer Kate Smith has been removed from outside the Philadelphia Flyers’ arena.

The NHL team made the decision in the wake of conflicting allegations of racism in some of her songs. Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America”, which has also been shelved by the Flyers, has been played at the team’s games since 1969.

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