Mounties in St. Paul say a police helicopter helped catch a trio of men in a stolen truck. Police say they were led to the truck in Saddle Lake by tips from the public on April 15th. When they tried to pull it over it took off. That’s when mounties say the RCMP helicopter tracked it down and spotted the passengers trying to flee on foot at a stop sign. They were quickly arrested by the RCMP.

The helicopter continued tracking the truck and helped determine where to lay a spike strip down. After the tires were popped, the truck came to a stop and the driver was arrested as well.

26-year-old Trent Gladue, 32-year-old Adam Jackson and 39-year-old Russell Cardinal, all from Saddle Lake, now face a variety of charges including possession of property obtained by a crime.

“Offenders in Eastern Alberta need to understand that the increased police presence and proactive operations are not a temporary or short term phenomenon,” said Cst. Guillaume Wilson (EADRCRU). “We will continue to aggressively track down and apprehend offenders wherever they try to hide or how hard they try to evade capture.”