Lakeland mounties are urging drivers to slow down across the region. The RCMP has designated April as speeding awareness month. That means police officers across the region will be looking for lead-footed drivers. Bonnyville RCMP Staff Sergeant Sarah Parke says her detachment will be watching for speeders.

“We’re just going to be out there focusing our efforts on reducing speed and enforcing the speed limit.”

The RCMP says just over 63 percent of tickets and warnings handed out last year in the province had to do with speeding. For Bonnyville detachment, Parke says it was over 200 handed out over 2018

“In 2018, there was about 217 incidents involving speeding. Of those, we laid charges in over 170 of those occurrences.”

Mounties say they’ll be keeping their eyes open in town as well as on the local highways. Police stats say one in four fatal accidents on Alberta roads in 2015 was caused by one or more drivers driving too fast.