The Alberta RCMP says they’ll be cracking down on distracted driving this month in the Lakeland and across the province. Police say they’ve seen everything from cell phones to reading a book and even personal grooming while behind the wheel and it has to stop. Bonnyville RCMP Constable Megan Letang says many officers see people using electronics like cell phones while stopped at a red light.

“Even if you’re stopped at a red light, these things are still considered distracted driving. Using cell phones, texting, emailing, using any electronic devices.”

The RCMP encourages drivers to follow safe habits like slowing down, leaving early to arrive on time and keeping everyone buckled up and secure for the ride. Letang says the public will see more officers in patrol cars on the streets and as well as some other methods.

“Another way is we’re using a covert police vehicle to drive around and catch some of the distracted drivers.”

Mounties say if a phone call has to be made or taken to pull over and do it safely.