The annual meeting by a group dedicated to keeping Moose Lake healthy is set to go on February 20th. The Moose Lake Watershed Society will host their annual get-together at the Bonnyville C2. Presentations this year will come from Dr. John Holz from HAB Aquatic Solutions as well as Brad Peters from the Alberta Lake Management Society. MLWS Chair Kellie Nichiporik says Holz brings 20 years of experience in keeping and returning lakes to healthy standards.

“So he’s there to give a little presentation about what kind of options are out there. What kind of studies we need to do before we can move forward with any type of lake treatment if that’s the way we want to go.”

This meeting comes after a summer that saw another Blue-Green Algae outbreak on the lake. A petition to address the health of the lake was presented in August on behalf of concerned residents and users of the lake to both the MD of Bonnyville as well as town council. Nichiporik says this meeting is a way interested people could learn what steps are being taken to keep the lake healthy.

“I think it’s really important that people do come out and learn about what has been happening as well as any steps that we can take to move forward in remediation or improving the quality in the watershed.”

The meeting is free to attend but registration is required. More information is available at the MLWS Facebook page.