Food banks across the country are starting to feel the pinch and the Lakeland is no exception. A report from Food Banks Canada says over 97,000 people visited Alberta Food Banks in March of 2018, a number Food Banks Canada calls “Unacceptably high”. Bonnyville Food Bank Assistant Executive Director Pauline Mawer says she’s seeing more and more people walk through her door as well.

“79 [new users] in December. In January I had 41 new clients. That’s new people coming into town or people that have lost their jobs. Some are ‘hidden homeless’. I’ve got a lot of those as well”

With new users comes depleted stock. Mawer says she was running low on alot of items coming out of the Christmas holidays. Businesses around the community have stepped up with some major donations. Mawer says she’s on the hunt for healthy options as donations.

“I’ve been asking a lot for canned fruit. Peanut Butter and Jam. Canned Tuna, Canned meats. Stuff you could put for lunches.”

Mawer also says healthy breakfast cereals and frozen vegetables are also in demand. Anyone looking to make a food bank donation can find more information by calling 780-826-3374 or drop by the Bonnyville Friendship Centre.