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Don’t forget about your pets in the cold snap

As a cold snap crawls its way across the Lakeland this week, officials are reminding residents to keep an eye on their four-legged friends. Temperatures around the region continue to hover around the
-30 mark with windchills pushing the thermometer down to -40. Shelter Manager of the Lakeland Humane Society Kyla Hunter says when it comes to this weather and your pets, it’s best to play it safe.

“At this temperature, your pets should not be out. They should be out just to do their business and that’s it.”

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association says the common belief that fur makes pets more resistant to cold is actually a myth. Hunter says if you do take a dog out for a stroll, watch for warning signs of cold.

“If you are going for a walk, go for a very short one. Make sure they’re wearing boots and jackets. They are going to be lifting up their feet to let you know that the temperature is too much for them.”

Hunter says she hasn’t seen an increase in the animals the shelter takes in during the cold snap. Anyone who does happen to find a stray pet is asked to call the proper animal control group in their community.

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