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Byelection a “must win” for NDP leader; Ticketmaster’s secret scalping not illegal

NDP leader will have immense pressure to resign if he loses byelection

If Jagmeet Singh doesn’t win an upcoming byelection, he’ll likely be done as NDP leader.

That’s according to two NDP MPs who spoke to CBC News anonymously. The report says they were part of a group of MPs who met with Singh last summer and told him that if he loses in Burnaby South there’d be immense pressure for him to resign.

The byelection is on February 25th.

Debate over when to put new Indigenous-focused holiday sparks suggestion of having two

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Difficulty deciding on a day for a new Indigenous-focused holiday is leading to some officials suggesting creating two.

The currently proposed dates are June 21st as a celebration of Indigenous culture, or September 30th to mark the legacy of residential schools. The divide in the House Canadian Heritage Committee stems from whether to make the holiday celebratory or sombre.

New dinosaur cousin discovered

A new cousin of the dinosaurs has been discovered in Antarctica.

Called Antarctanax shackletoni , it was roughly the size of an iguana. Researchers believe, based on its fossils, that it was a carnivore that feasted on mammals, amphibians and insects.

Ticketmaster’s secret scalping program doesn’t break the law

Canada’s Competition Bureau says Ticketmaster’s secret scalper program is not illegal.

An investigation started last fall after Ticketmaster was caught on hidden camera giving professional scalpers software capable of reselling millions of dollars in tickets. A bureau lawsuit against Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation about allegations of deceptive pricing, however, is still a go.

Trump won’t confirm if he’ll declare national emergency to fund border wall

Donald Trump has told The New York Times negotiating with Democrats to prevent another government shutdown is “a waste of time.”

Although the American president did not confirm he’d declare a national emergency to get his wall on the Mexican border funded, he did say he’s “set the stage” for what he’s going to do. The U.S. government has until February 25th to come to a deal on border security to prevent yet another government shutdown.

More people calling in sick after events like Super Bowl

If you’re planning on calling in sick Monday, you’re not alone.

A new online survey of more than 1,000 Canadian office workers found that 37 per cent know someone that blew off going to work the day after a big sporting event like the Super Bowl. That’s up five per cent from a similar poll three years ago.

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