Police in Cold Lake are reminding business owners to stay vigilant after a rash of break-ins around the city. Cold Lake RCMP Constable Dave Hart says the break-ins have varied in location and operation.

“Some businesses were involved along with even one of the local churches had a break and enter as well.”

The RCMP in Cold Lake says all the break-ins are currently under investigation. While they put the pieces together, police are saying a few helpful tips can help make sure your stuff stays at your home or business. Hart says investing in a good security camera can do wonders in an investigation.

“Video footage is obviously very huge for us. We spend a good percentage of our time running around and getting the video footage.”

Hart also says knowing what you own and keeping serial numbers can make sure your property comes back to you.

“Whether it’s a chainsaw or a DVD player or TV or whatever, keep an inventory with the serial numbers. With cell phones and Ipads and everything else, take a picture of it.”

Cold Lake RCMP says keeping an eye out for suspicious activity and reporting to police are also a huge help when it comes to solving break and enters.