A Bonnyville-based safety company has been bought by a US organization. Pivotal Safety, located on Highway 41 was announced on January 3rd as part of a deal by Total Safety that also included a company in the Grande Prairie region as well. President of Total Safety Paul Tyree says the opportunity to buy the company was a no-brainer based on the record Pivotal has.

“They have a really great management team. A very strong, seasoned team that understands the clients’ needs in the markets they serve very well which is specifically in Western Canada.”

The purchase adds to the Houston, Texas-based Total Safety roster, which now controls 176 locations in around 20 countries. Tyree says the take-over won’t mean any local job losses and they’d like to see expansion.

“Our anticipation is we’ll be able to grow in that market and employ more personnel. Not the opposite.”

Tyree says the company will stay with the Pivotal brand for at least the next year. He says that’s due to the reputation the business has built.