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Debt reduction top of 2019 resolution lists in Canada; New cancer treatment could dramatically drop death rate

Budget balancing tops weight loss for Canada New Years’ resolutions

Debt reduction may be at the top of many Canadian’s New Years’ resolution lists.
CIBC found a majority of Canadians are focused on bringing down debt in 2019, which has reportedly been a top priority at the end of every year since 2009. The survey also found at least a third of Canadians didn’t follow through with their 2018 resolution, as they took on more debt this year.

New immune cell-based cancer treatment to start in 2019

Cancer-related deaths may drop dramatically for future generations.
That’s the message from researchers in the UK, who are starting new treatment using immune cells from donors. Scientists discovered these cells can survive in patients without transplant treatments. The team hopes to bring the cancer survival rate from 50 to 75 per cent in just over a decade with this treatment.

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Canadian health experts say lettuce is back on the menu

You can put lettuce back in your salad.
According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, the recall on romaine is officially over. The recall was put in place in early November due to an E. coli outbreak that is believed to have come from California. The health agency says there have been no sickness reported in over a month.

Record online sales reported by Amazon in December

It seems online shopping was a priority for many gift-seekers this holiday season.
Amazon has reportedly broken its record for online sales globally over December. Canadian sales data from the online retailer showed the most likely gifts found under the tree this Christmas were Instant Pots, Coffee Grinders, Cards Against Humanity and L.O.L. dolls.

US man becomes first to traverse Antarctica without help

An American man is making history in the coldest place on the planet.
Portland’s Colin O’Grady has become the first person to traverse Antarctica without any type of aid. The 33-year-old took 54 days to travel over 1,500 kilometres. People who previously reached the travel goal needed the use of specialized supplies or kites.

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