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MD to Cold Lake land annex on January 1

It will go from MD to Cold Lake on New Years Day. Cold Lake will officially annex 11 quarter sections of land near the city on January 1st. The deal was struck between the two governments back in 2017. Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland says the time between planning to actuality helped make sure it was a fair deal for all.

“This has been a long process but we are finally here. We feel that everyone’s interests were respected throughout this journey and we know that the region will benefit from the final result.”

The city says one reason for the annexation is to allow for potential growth in the next 50 years. Other reasons include water drainage and runoff lane control. Taxation for the land in the foreseeable future will use a system of comparing the MD and Cold Lake tax assessments. Landowners will then get the tax rate that is cheaper between the two. These measures will be applied to the properties through the year 2069 or until owners subdivide the affected land, re-designate land or connect to the city’s sewer or water services

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