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Lakeland Metis Settlements celebrate 80 years

Alberta is celebrating the 80th anniversary of some Lakeland Metis Settlements. On December 3rd, Indigenous Relations Minister Richard Feehan and President of the Metis Settlements General Council Gerald Cunningham hosted leaders of Buffalo Lake, Elizabeth, Fishing Lake and Kikino settlements as well as others in the province. Cunningham says the day was a celebration of the Metis people.

“We have realized, and continue to realize, the vision of iconic Metis leaders like Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel, who fought to preserve and protect the rights of all Metis and fought for the establishment of a Metis homeland. They tirelessly pursued their vision of a Metis land, governed by Metis people, and respected as distinct and unique from other Indigenous communities.”

Over 114,000 Metis people live in Alberta, making it the largest Metis population in the country. Settlements were formally established in 1938 with the Metis Population Betterment Act.

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