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Ottawa warns it will take action if postal deal isn’t reached soon; Med costs putting young Canadians in debt

Feds preparing to table back-to-work legislation for postal workers

The feds have had enough of the postal strike.
Ottawa is warning if negotiations don’t wrap up in a few days, it will table back-to-work legislation as all other alternatives have been exhausted. The postal workers’ union says this move undermines its ability to negotiate a fair deal claiming Canada Post has just been holding out for the government to make this move.

Young Canadians faced with debt or deadly consequences according to study

Many young Canadians are facing a life or debt situation.
A new study finds Canadians between 19 and 34 are most likely to go into debt trying to pay for necessary medications. The study follows a report suggesting the cost of prescription medication in Canada is steadily growing due to a lack of generic drug alternatives.

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Liberals to update Canadians on Ottawa’s fiscal situation

The fall fiscal update is coming this afternoon, giving Canadians a look at Ottawa’s debt.
Earlier this year Finance Minister Bill Morneau projected a deficit of just over $18 billion this year, which reports suggest is still the case. Andrew Scheer has demanded the Liberals provide a timeline for when Ottawa will be out of debt.

Scheer criticizes ‘lazy’ Liberal move to ban handguns

Tory Leader Andrew Scheer is calling a proposed handgun ban lazy work by Ottawa.
Scheer released his own proposal, suggesting the feds should put a lifetime gun ban on people with violent criminal records or gang ties. Anyone caught selling weapons to these people would face criminal charges. Scheer says a blanket ban is unfair to law-abiding Canadians.

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