Portage College is moving ahead with plans to build Canada’s first pipeline training centre in Boyle.

With the recent announcement of the recommended approval for the Northern Gateway Pipeline, the college is positioned to respond to the increased need to build a training facility for workplace development.

The new training centre sits on 435,600 square feet of land just outside of Boyle, combining patented simulation technologies, and boots on the ground training.

The focal point of the training centre houses a closed loop pipeline which simulates oil spills using non-toxic materials to give students and working professionals and opportunity to develop import spill response and technical skill.

“The time is now to build this one-of-a-kind pipeline training centre,” explains ¬†President and CEO of Portage Trent Keough.¬†¬†“Alberta’s oil production is rapidly expanding and this centre is crucial to establishing the province’s position as a global leader in pipelining.”