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National News: Tax Break for Low income Ontarians; Gas Prices To Fall

Tax Savings For Minimum Wage Workers in Ontario

The Ford governments fall economic statement promises a tax cut for the province’s

minimum wage workers.  Under the new Low-Income Families and Individuals or

LIFT tax people making less than 30-thousand dollars a year will no longer have

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to pay Ontario personal income tax.  And making good on a campaign promise

the province will allow booze to be sold from 9 am to 11 pm seven days a


Gas Prices To Fall

Feel that extra jingle in your pockets?  That’s the savings Canadians are

feeling at the gas pumps as the slump in crude oil prices has finally made its

way to gas stations.  The price of crude has dropped more than 20 bucks a

barrel since October. That means drivers in Ontario are paying about 4 cents

less a litre.  The average price across Canada is hovering at a buck

fourteen, the lowest its been since last February.

Former PC Leader Brown Takes Aim At Lisa MacLeod in New Book

More fallout from a new tell-all book from former provincial Conservative leader

Patrick Brown.  This time it’s from cabinet minister Lisa MacLeod. In his

book, Brown says some party organizers thought MacLeod had made up her mental

health issues for public support.  MacLeod calls Brown’s comments

disgusting and cruel. Yesterday it was Finance Minister Vic Fedeli in the

spotlight as Brown alleges that he had also been the subject of sexual

misconduct allegations.

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