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6 Great Things About Saddle Lake

6 Great Things About Saddle Lake

Saddle Lake First Nations is a community where neighbors are friends and friends are family. With a strong sense of community, those who are from Saddle Lake are proud to call it home. But just what is it that makes everyone think Saddle Lake is so great? You’re about to find out.

1. All Pro Chuckwagon Races

Every summer, Saddle Lakes hosts the All Pro Chuckwagon Races. Full of down and dirty, electrifying energy this event brings together the excitement of competition with the pride of the community. Featuring wagons and drivers from across the country, locals get to come cheer on hometown participants right here in the community.

2. The Saddle Lake Cree National Competition Pow Wow

A ceremonial celebration of cultural pride, the annual Saddle Lake Pow Wow gathers the community together in competition filled with traditional indigenous music, dance, regalia, food and crafts. Both a celebration and a competition, the Pow Wow is an impressive cultural event that showcases the diversity within the community.

3. Progressive Community Support

In Saddle Lake, no one stands alone. There’s a network of support with friends, family and community leaders who work together to advance the entire community. This commitment to each other can be seen with the first ever all girls atom hockey team taking to the ice for the 2018-19 season. The strength of the community is made possible by the people within it along with the organizations and businesses, like Bison Auto stop, that are proud to support Saddle Lake.

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4. Local Artists

As a diverse, culturally vibrant community, Saddle Lake is home to some renowned artists. Working in many different mediums, there are painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers and more. Each artist creates stunning portrayals of their home, the world, and indigenous culture while showcasing incredible artistic talent and providing an artistic influence to the pulse of the community.

5. Getting Your Hand Shaken

A handshake means a lot of things. It’s a greeting. It’s an agreement. It’s a sign of respect. In Saddle Lake, you’ll notice there’s a lot more handshaking going on than anywhere else. And that’s because, simply put, Saddle Lake is a friendly community that invites you right in with a handshake and a smile. This act is a mixture of respect and friendliness and allows you to feel the personality of the community right in the palm of your hand.

6. Friendly Places to Gather

As a place that has such a healthy sense of community, there’s always somewhere that community members can gather. That place is Bison Auto Stop. They’re proud to be a part of Saddle Lake and happily act as a community hub, providing people somewhere to come shake hands and enjoy a hot meal together.

Experience the Hub of the Community


Bison Auto Stop welcomes you to their new restaurant. Come say hello, shake their hands, and eat with them. As a proud employer of Saddle Lake First Nations they’re also proud to provide a place for their community to gather and celebrate Saddle Lake First Nations. Open Monday to Friday 7 AM – 11 PM; Saturday & Sunday 8 AM – 11 PM. Located on Highway 652 and 51st Street.


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