An online petition is hoping to bring the health of Moose Lakes’ waters to local government. Mitch Sylvestre lives at Moose Lake. He says he started the petition to try to help the town and MD see that the water quality hasn’t gotten any better.

“What we’re trying to do is to get them to act on it. It’s getting to the point now where we get blue-green algae warnings all summer long. They found a way to clean up the Great Lakes, they can probably clean up Moose Lake.”

Provincial studies have been conducted on water quality of Moose Lake since the mid-70’s. The Moose Lake Watershed Society was formed in 2002 as a way for residents to bring forth issues and concerns with the lake. Sylvester says a watershed management plan put forth by the local governments hasn’t shown the results that he and other residents would like to see.

“I’m not a scientist but I know the problem has to be addressed. The lake is ageing way faster than it should. It’s getting worse and worse year after year.”

MD Reeve Greg Sawchuk acknowledged the petition. In an email, Sawchuk says the water quality of Moose Lake has “always been a concern for the M.D.” Sawchuck says a statement on behalf of the Town of Bonnyville as well as the M.D will be released later this week.