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Scott Cyr Wants Unity Amongst Communities

Scott Cyr was elected as MLA for The Bonnyville-Cold Lake Constituency in the Alberta Election on May 5th. Naturally, everyone is wondering what’s next for the accountant by trade, Wildrose member. Still reeling in the excitement of being elected, Cry says, “getting my feet underneath me,” is his first objective.

It’s not as easy as, elected and suddenly you’re the MLA, Cyr says there’s a few steps and a little wait until he is officially the MLA. “On May 12th, I’m going to the Legislature to meet with the other successful MLAs,” Cyr explains the process, “then on the 25th of May, we have a swear in after all the appeals are done, if there is any, and I’ll be MLA on the 25th forward.”

Winning the election was confirmation for Cyr that his values, and what his party, the Wildrose, stood for resonates with the people of the area. “It’s encouraging to see that there’s a lot of people out there that have really identified with what the Wildrose stand for,” Cyr says that’s what motivated him, “I was encouraged to see that I was able to get our message out successfully.”

Cyr says he really connected with the leader of the party, Brian Jean. “Our leader has been such a support for our area,” noting how Jean made a point of being present in the area, “he came up twice over the last two months, which is encouraging, showing that he’s got a lot of support for our riding.”

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Brian Jean, and The Wildrose party, with Scott Cyr as the representative for The Bonnyville-Cold Lake riding will be the Official Opposition after The NDP, with leader Rachel Notley, won the majority government. Cyr says he’s looking forward to the challenge, “I looking forward to actually challenging the NDP government and the decisions that they’re making.”

Cyr says it wasn’t a surprise that the oilfield ran areas of the province, such as Fort McMurray-Athabasca, Lac La Biche-St. Paul- Two Hills and Bonnyville-Cold Lake constituencies were all won by Wildrose members (Brian Jean, David Hanson and Scott Cyr respectively). “It comes down to the fact that the budget that Jim Prentice was putting forth really was taking money out of the north, out of the oilsands, because that’s where the money was,” Cyr explains, “a lot of people identified with The Wildrose wanting to keep taxes down during a recession.” The Wildrose does not think it’s in the best interest of the province to attempt to “tax the province to prosperity,” Cyr says the logic is flawed, “it’ll never work.”

Cyr says there are a few issues, along with keeping taxes low, that he will fight for. “Property rights is one,” Cyr lists other priorities, “and we need to be challenging government waste”. As for the Bonnyville-Cold Lake riding Cyr says he hopes to “find more funding for our riding, it would be nice to see Highway 28 fixed, and it would be nice to see that waterline to Bonnyville.” Cyr believes these can all be achieved if the communities work together, “I’d like to see unity in our riding, and I want to really work on the relationships between the communities.” Cyr says he’s passionate about this, “I feel strongly that as a group we can get a lot done with the province.”

Although relatively new to politics, the idea of running for MLA is not new for Scott Cyr and his family. Cyr says he had a discussion with his wife, Megan, about plans two years ago, “we both decided, it was a group decision, that if we wanted to pursue this, then we would do it together.” Cyr credits his achievements to his wife, “I’m very fortunate to have my Megan behind me.”

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