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Cyr worried minimum wage increase will affect Lakeland business

As Alberta readies to increase the minimum wage again, A Lakeland MLA says he’s unsure of the positive effects it may have. Bonnyville – Cold Lake MLA Scott Cyr says he’s heard from a number of small businesses that are wary of the numbers an increase would entail.

“As these businesses continue to see their costs rise they either go out of business or they add cost to the consumer.”

The NDP says they’re full steam ahead on their quest to make the minimum wage in the province $15.00 per hour. October 1st is set as the date for the final increase.

Cyr says he believes the ideas of minimum wage and “livable” wages should remain two separate entities.

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“When you raise the minimum wage to meet the livable wage, you end up bringing up all the cost of goods because businesses will pass on that cost.”

Currently, the Alberta minimum wage sits at $13.60. The $15.00 increase will put Alberta as the highest minimum wage in the province.

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