Mounties are saying over 1 kilo of cocaine in both powder and crack form have been seized and two suspects have been arrested in what the Cold Lake RCMP are calling a “significant seizure.” Police are saying on the night of July 31st mounties from both Cold Lake and Bonnyville detachment entered a home on a search warrant.

It was in the home where mounties say just over 600 grams of cocaine along with over 400 grams of crack cocaine were found. Police also say they found around $10,000, an SKS rifle with ammunition as well as a vehicle. RCMP say all the items are now with the mounties.

Two 24 year-old man, both originally from Edmonton, now face a few charges including possession of narcotics with the purpose of trafficking as well as possession of proceeds from a crime. Both have been released on a recognizance to attend Cold Lake court on August 22nd.