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New picture shows extensive damage on Lessard Bridge

A new picture released from the MD of Bonnyville is driving home how unsafe Lessard bridge is. The bridge was damaged this winter from moving ice. Repair of the bridge is currently in the planning phase. In the meantime, MD officials are reminding everyone to stay off the bridge until further notice.

“It’s not safe to be on,” Says M.D. Industry Liaison Denise Hourd. “Not for people walking, not for bicycles, not for cars.”

The bridge is supported by 12 pillars on either side. Of the six pillars on the west side, four are no longer supporting the bridge deck.

““We understand people want to access the river to go tubing. However, people
need to stay off of the bridge. Do not drive around the barriers. Do not move the barriers. Do not go
on the bridge.”

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MD officials have put up barriers to keep traffic off the bridge. Officials are saying they don’t believe repairs on the bridge will be completed until the end of 2018.

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