Over 70 students from Grades 5 to 12 were on hand at the Bold Centre in Lac La Biche Wednesday to learn how to harness their voice. The My Voice Matters- Student Voice event brought students from across the Lakeland together to hear from speakers and learn about passion, persistence and the importance of speaking up for what you believe in.

Students got a presentation from Kelly Lovell, a Youth Mobilizer and Marketing Consumer Engagement Consultant.

“To create change and influence, you have to find your voice by taking action,” Lovell said. “Every great change starts with action. . . but at the end of the day, if you’re not confident enough to share your story, it really doesn’t matter. Be confident that your voice deserves to be heard, that your ideas are worthy, and that your ‘why’ really matters. Your confidence is the most important thing. It’s what sets leaders apart. It’s what makes you strong. If you stand up and be proud, people will rally around you.”


Kelly Lovell, a Youth Mobilizer and Marketing Consumer Engagement Consultant talks to the students in Lac La Biche – Supplied

The students were also able to hear from Maurice Fritz, a Lobbyist and Seminar Presenter, who instructed the kids to keep and open mind during dialogue. The event was put on by Northern Lights Public School Division in partnership with Lac La Biche County.